CONCERT: “Music Freedom day”

March 3 At Kulturkirken Jakob: 19:30

CONCERT: “A hundred years of oblivion”

International Music Freedom Day, (Founded by Freemuse)

Featuring: Elias Akselsen, (Norway),

Murat İçlinalça and Ashug Leyli (Armenia)

Dengbej Kazo and Dengbej Gazin (Anatolia), Marjan Vahdat (Iran)

Kamancheh:  Shervin Mohajer (Iran), Drums:

Rune Arnesen (Norway), Bass: Gjermund Silset (Norway)

Tickets: NOK 250

Elias Akselsen

Elias Akselsen belongs to the Scandinavian minority of what locally is called the “Tater” people, a parallell to “travellers” in the Bristish islands. They also call themselves the Romani People. Together with his family Akselsen was exposed to persecution from the Norwegian authorities and from the church. As a teenager he went to Sweden where he wandered through the sixties and the seventies. Here he cooperated with singer songwriters like Cornelis Vresswijk  and Fred Åkerström. He returned to Norway and started an important work to convey the traditions of his people including several record releases.

Murat Iclinalca

Murat İçlinalça was born in 1985 in Istanbul. He has been a student of Armenian church music since he was 8 years old, having Nisan Çalgıcıyan as master. He has studied singing and folk music at the Istanbul Technical University Music Conservatory, from which he graduated in 2010. At same year he was appointed master singer at the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church in Istanbul.
Dengbesz Kazo

Dengbej Kazo was born in 1950 in Van, and now he lives near Istanbul. He often gives concerts performing both popular Kurdish songs and his own compositions. He also improvises in keeping with the tradition of the dengbej (travelling Kurdish singers and storytellers). In 1960 the Turkish government officially banned the practice of the dengbej. In the 1980s many of the dengbej had to move to the cities in search of safety and work, and settled in their poorest sections.
Ashugh Leyli

Ashugh Leyli is a singer from Yerevan, Armenia who belongs to a tradition of storytelling through chanting. She has recently performed together with Deng Bej Gazin in Van, a former Armenian region of Turkey.

Dengbej Gazin
Deng Bej Gazin is a singer from Van in eastern Anatolia, she belongs to a tradition of storytelling through chanting. She has recently performed together with Ashugh Leyli in her home district Van, a former Armenian region of Turkey.

Marjan Vahdat 900
Marjan Vahdat was born in Tehran in 1975, She has developed the rural traditions of Persian vela music together with her sister Mahsa Vahdat. Since her appearance on the CD Lullabies from the Axis of Evil on KKV 2004, she has taken part on several CD releases together with her sister and also released her own solo album “Blue Fields” (KKV 2012)

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