Tran Loung

Tran LuongWelts has been performed at various venues around the world. The inspiration for this piece came to Tran Luong when, in 2007, he saw his son return from school wearing a red scarf – a poignant reminder for the artist of his own childhood when that scarf was worn as a show of support for communism. The performance is hence a means for the artist to re-connect and re-evaluate the past – with the scars left on the skin after he and his friends played beating each other with their scarves; with the scars left in his memory of a difficult time in history.

Many of the memories and images are still there! But can there be awareness if there is little sensitivity and much callousness, little wildness and much passivity. I suddenly wanted to receive again the startling sensation of burn, to re-measure myself and also to receive any possible response from the audience.

(artist’s statement)

Joyce Fan Curator – Singapore Art Museum