Mohamed Abla

Renowned Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla, winner of the prize at the 1998 Cairo Biennale and of many prestigious awards in Egypt and abroad, is a man of curious character and many faces. Born in Mansoura, Egypt, he graduated at the top of his class in 1977 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. Upon graduation he took part in Egypt’s “Young Artists Exhibition,” winning the grand prize. He then spent 7 years traveling around Europe, paintings and studying. As a young artist he was almost detached from his indigenous ties, reluctant to settle in one place. Germany was definitely a turning point in his life.

Finding one gallery owner, he showed his work and was transported to elation by the owner’s enthusiastic response. “He saw my sketches, loved them, bought them and asked if I would put on an exhibition.” Six more exhibitions followed in the next two years. His continuous traveling, has given him a broad exposure to the international art scene, and has resulted in him studying, teaching and exhibiting in galleries around the world. Abla says that he has an internal feeling that art is the key to bringing cultural and environmental awareness to people. He has an intense desire for expressing feeling through his paintings.
Abla’s work focuses mainly on graphics and oil painting. His current working space is on an island in the Nile. It provides a quiet oasis and main source of inspiration. The Nile and the local Egyptian environment are prevailing themes in Abla’s art, whether graphics, installation or oil paintings.