Program 2015

2015 OSLO

March 3 At Kulturkirken Jakob, – 19:30

CONCERT: “A hundred years of oblivion”

Music Freedom Day, Featuring:

Elias Akselsen, (Norway), Murat İçlinalça and Ashug Leyli (Armenia)

Dengbesz Kazo and Deng Bej Gazin (Anatolia), Marjan Vahdat (Iran)

Kamancheh:  Shervin Mohajer (Iran), Drums:  Rune Arnesen (Norway),

Bass: Gjermund Silset (Norway)


March 4, 5, og 6 At Kanonhallen, Løren – 20:00

THEATRE: ”Armine, Sister”

With Teatr Zar, Directed by founding leader of Teatr ZAR: Jarosław Fret

Based on studies in Anatolia, the ensemble Teatr ZAR has created a performance, which mirrors the Armenian genocide through a wordless, densified theater play. A live “soundtrack” of vocal performances from singers representing the many minorities in East Anatolia is a powerful ingredient in the theater piece, which until now has been shown in Poland and the UK. These three performances are the first in Scandinavia. Through their work Teatr ZAR centers on the history of ignorance that feeds on inaction and leads to inaction among today’s Europeans. The history of ignorance also includes the social story of building an accord of silence around each act of violence.


Armine, Sister 4.3.

Armine, Sister 5.3.

Armine, Sister 6.3.

March 3 – 7 At Kulturkirken Jakob, Jakobs Brønn (the crypt), 14:00 -20:00

EXHIBITION: “Images from Anatolia”

Photos from Armenian remains in East Anatolia by the Polish photographer Magdalena Mądra

Opening March 3 at 12:00



March 4 At Kulturkirken Jakob, – 17:00

FILM: ”Grandma’s Tattoos”

Presented by the director Suzanne Khardalian

The documentary film “Grandma’s Tatoos” is directed by Suzanne Khardalian. The film shows the

fates of women during the aftermaths of the genocide.


March 5 At Kulturkirken Jakob– 15:00

WORK DEMONSTRATION: “The making of Armine Sister”

By Teatr ZAR and the director Jarosław Fret



March 6 At Kulturkirken Jakob– 17.30

DISCUSSION: ”Forgotten by the world, the selective memory of the West”.

Discussion with Ara Sarafian the founding director of the Gomidas Institute in London and historian Bård Larsen from Civita, Oslo and freelance journalist Frida Sebina Skatvik from Oslo.





At the time when the world commemorates that 100 years has gone since the genocide, KKV has decided to dedicate this year’s REDZONE festival to the Armenian tragedy. REDZONE is a festival, which highlights the freedom of expression through the arts. It is annually arranged by KKV; every other year in Oslo and in a city in the Middle East. The first edition took place in Oslo in 2013. In 2014 it happened in Beirut and Cairo. In 2015 it is once again back in Oslo.


The REDZONE festival is supported by
The Free Word Foundation and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.